Monday, July 26, 2010

Self Esteem

If you set your sense of self worth (value) on your position, pay and material possessions, you will not have real self-esteem. All of these things come and go, sometimes at the most unexpected moments. This is why almost every single human being from corporate leaders to househusbands, from Kings to college students are not able to have constantly high self esteem. We are all taught by our society, that worth (value) is measured by rank, quantity of possessions and the amount of monetary (financial) income. Dangerous! It creates a life of sorrow and unhappiness mixed with temporary happiness. You cannot allow your self-esteem to be defined by your work, your capabilities at work, your salary level etc. True internal self-esteem comes for realizing the self as a soul and experiencing its virtues (qualities) and specialties.


What external factors is your self-esteem based on? If real wealth is not money or possessions what is real wealth? What could you start doing tomorrow that may help you transfer your sense of self esteem from something you do or have outside your self, to something that you are inside?

“Words are effective when truth is combined with sweetness.”


It is usually believed that when we speak the truth, we need to be frank and outspoken. And with this attitude we sometimes tend to become harsh in our words too. We believe that only when we are assertive in this way, will our words be effective. But practically it is found that when our words are without sweetness we will only find temporary results.


In order to have lasting effect when we have to give correction to someone we need to take care that there is sweetness in our attitude and voice too. Only then will there be the desired effect in the words that we speak and we will find people bringing about change in themselves.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Soul Consciousness

A human being is soul and body, spirit and matter, working together co-operatively. The body is like the hardware of a computer and the spiritual energy, the soul, is a tiny chip of light, where all things are recorded. When we go into introspective silence, it is in this chip of light, which is actually a point of light energy that we can remember and rediscover.
The tiny chip of invisible light starts to work effectively when it plugs into its original consciousness and reactivates those original qualities, which enable the soul to work and express itself naturally. The connection is achieved through the power of concentrated thought, this is called ‘consciousness of the soul’. The process of experiencing ‘soul consciousness’ is carried out in meditation: gathering all the thoughts of the mind, creating one concentrated thought and very gently running inwards in order to make the connection with the original self, the soul.
To take those first steps in gathering the thoughts, we use the positive consciousness of ?I am’, or what is called ‘Om Shanti’ consciousness. ‘Om’ means ‘I am’, with the deeper meaning that ‘I am a peaceful soul’. With this awareness, there comes the experience of one’s original spiritual identity.

“Anger comes where there is discontentment.”


When we don’t get what we want or when people don’t do what we expect them to do we experience discontentment. When there is discontentment, when our desires aren’t fulfilled we experience anger. Then trying to do away with anger without knowing the actual reason, doesn’t work.


When we find ourselves getting angry with someone or some situation, we need to first check what is the true reason for our anger. Once we find the cause of it, which is some expectation of ours, we will be able to work at overcoming it. we will then be able to get rid of our anger too.